Helping you lose up to 2 dress/pant sizes in 6 weeks.

Whether your fat loss concerns are spot reduction or trimming overall body fat, we offer natural, painless solutions to help you get to your ideal body size.   Your goals are our goals.  We can do this together!

  • Step One: LED Light Fat Shrinking Machine

Our Vevazz machine uses LED light technology that shrinks fat cells without damaging or burning tissue.  You’ll experience no pain or discomfort as you lay comfortably on our spa table while LED lights, placed on the area you want to target, work to shrink your fat cells.  To see what an actual treatment session looks like, click here.

  • Step Two:  Whole Body Vibration Platform

Following your LED light treatment, you’ll step on our vibration platform and experience your body being vibrated almost head to toe.  Once again, the machine does the work while you simply stand on the platform and hold the bars attached to the machine. The result: Your lymphatic system is activated to move fat released from your fat cells during the LED treatment through your body’s sewer system.  Other results: Enhanced muscle tone, increased blood circulation, accelerated metabolic rate.

  • Step Three:  Coaching

During your initial consultation, you learn what keeps your body in a fat storage mode rather than a fat burning mode.  You’ll know exactly what you do that triggers your body to store fat. (It may not be what you think!) This gives you the power to master your own weight/fat issues.  You never have to fight fat again!