Ms. Suzy is AMAZING! Following the program has allowed me to lose 7 pounds and many inches so far. I can’t wait for my last session to see the final results. The atmosphere is inviting and the warmth from the lasers while laying on the table with a blanket makes for a great nap. I have truly enjoyed every visit, conversation, laugh, and lesson learned with Ms. Suzy and will definitely be getting monthly follow up appointments.  Porche Deshay


I’ve had an amazing experience. In about 5 sessions, I lost 5 inches around my stomach. It very clean and Suzy gives a great customer service.  Zaira Lopez

I like their attention to detail, service and overall attention to my needs.Bottom of Form Luis Luarca


I love and enjoy going to my sessions with Suzy!!! She is very knowledgeable gives you plenty of health tips throughout the treatment. I really enjoy our talks when I go for my sessions. I lost 4 inches after my first treatment! Highly recommended!  Kiera Hart

I purchased the 4 Lipo Light sessions.. So far I have lost 2 inches in two session.. Suzie is amazing. She explains the procedure and gives instructions on how to get the best results. I would recommend her to anyone looking to lose a few inches.  Tamara Tyler

I have been seeing Suzy for 6 treatments and am fitting in Jeans that I was not able to wear for a while….I am very pleased with my results… Suzy is very informative and truly cares about everyone she works with. ❤️❤️  Samantha Tallent

I highly recommend Suzy, I definitely saw results and it helped me move forward into a better routine for continued weight loss and better health. She is a pleasure to work with and I feel and look better.  Anita Frewin

Fantastic way to jump start your body into FAT BURNING mode and lose extra FAT!! Suzy is very knowledgeable and and such a delight! This is an excellent program to lose fat, with a benefit of getting healthy!  Michelle Smith

Dropped down at least one dress size and look leaner. Wad able to fit in to my pants after just 4 treatments. Definitely works and worth it. Suzy is always great and accommodating. Great experience  Bel Bisuna-Williams

Have had 3/6 sessions so far and couldnt be happier. I have seen results and feel better. Suzy has been a great coach and has given good advice on how to change my lifestyle and habits to maximize the lipo light treatments. I highly recommend anyone to at least give it a try and see for themselves.  Brent Monyihan

Lipo Light is a good way to get those extra inches off! I have already seen great results and feel so much better. Suzy is a wonderful at keeping you motivated and truly cares for her clients which I think makes the experience that much better. I’m drinking more water, eating healthier, and exercising more than I was before. I couldn’t be happier with the results I am getting which I why I keep coming back!  Mary Loran Knowles

I bought six treatments and so far, ive seen results. Suzy is amazing, she’s ready to educate you on how to maximize weight loss from the procedure and creates a motivational atmosphere with tips that really help. Thinking about buying more sessions since they’ve been working. Highly recommend.  Vilma B Castro

I’ve tried other treatments and wasn’t quite happy with the results. While searching for a different place I came along lipolight and based on the reviews decided to give it a try. I must say it was a GREAT decision. Going to Suzy is so much more than just the treatments. She shared with me her 13 things to make your body a fat burning machine. I found I was doing most of the things, but some I needed help. Suzy helped and encouraged me on those things I was struggling with. With her help, I’ve gotten amazing results.. 1000 thumbs up! 👍👍👍  Mark Douglas

I’m in love 😍 with Lipo light fat and lost many pounds susy is a very kind singing I highly recommend them.  Villatoro Albertina


Suzy is the best!
Treatments do work and she
supports you along the way.  Melodie Nix Saueressig

Susie is great! Signed up for another package of treatments.  Melodie Jebbia Wheeler

I’m amazed how treatment really works. I lost 5 inches just in my first session. What I love most is the guide and care that Suzy gives following her recommendations you keep loosing weight between the sessions. I have had only three sessions and I noticed the difference in my waste and my arms
De verdad recomiendo este tratamiento, lo notas desde la primer sesion. Llevo 3 sesiones y siento una gran diferencia en mi cintura y brazos.  Susana Villicana

I truly love coming here, Suzy is such a motivation to keeping me focus on the outcome, and that’s living my best life healthier.  Lorinda Collins

after looking through all the options available to lose weight i went with Susie and the Lipo Light fat loss after reading the reviews and based on her responses to some questions. At my first session Susie went over 13 things to do as just doing the sessions is not enough if you want to lose the weight and keep it off. After the first session i lost 5 inches and i actually felt lighter. considering i have struggled to lose weight i was happy with the results. I also had been having trouble sleeping but have slept great the first week after the session. i am going to continue my sessions and follow her 13 steps so i can reach my goal.  Chris Shugrue

I was curious and got 5 sessions. Suzy is very informative and the sessions are quick and easy. She also recommends a number of eating stratagies that help with the overall loos. I am please and it jump started my fat loss for the new year!

Healthy painless kick start to lose body fat! Three sessions in and losing inches! Also improves vitality! Helps encourage me to drink more water and eat better. Suzi is a great coach.  Sandy Meekins Foor

Has helped me lose inches and i sleep better. Suzy is awesome at supporting me and encouraging me.  Rebecca Maddux


This program works and Suzy is very informative to help you reach your goals. Such an incredibly sweet lady. If you are looking to lose inches, weight or just tone up Suzy will fix you up! Clean eating and exercise is a must to go along with her program.  Lori Stewart

Suzy is so pleasant with her clients. Will help you, educate you , motivate you to maximize the effects of weight loss from the procedure.  Weenah RN

I am preparing for bodybuilding next year, but I have to get a few “TROUBLE SPOTS” worked on, due to losing 65 pounds. After my first two sessions, I am pleased to say I see progress!!! I already do the suggestions given to me by the knowledgeable staff, so I look forward to some great final results!!!  Swayne AKARadio Martin