Liposuction Without Surgery

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How are we different?

We Guarantee Your Results!

  • Our focus is partnership with you in achieving your weight loss/fat loss goals.
  • We teach you what has kept your body in a fat storage mode and how to switch your fat storage mode to a fat burning mode. You never have to be out of shape again.
  • Your progress is monitored each visit by measuring the area being treated.
  • Our LED light machine does not harm your body, kill cells, damage tissues like other popular fat loss treatments. It’s completely natural.
  • With our Lipo Light treatment there is no down time, no bruising, no pain.




Does it work?

Yes, it works!

For evidence, check out the before and mid treatment photos below.  For scientific documentation, click here.

How does it work?

The LED light is placed on the area you want to reduce. The light opens up the fat cells as a result. The free fatty acid is spilled into the space between the cells. It is then absorbed by the lymphatic system and leaves the body through its sewer system.

For a visual explanation of the process, see the video below. (video of cells.)

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